Spring Intensives

March 21st-25th

Must signup by March 4th to Participate

Summer/Spring Intensive FAQ


  • Who is the summer intensive for?

Anyone ages 7 and up who would like to take their dancing to the next level.  Whether they are a beginner student or at the advanced level, dancers who want to take more than one or two classes can take our summer intensive.


  • How do I know what level I'm in ? 

An audition will be conducted on the first day of intensives.


  • How long is the intensive?

The 2016 Spring Intensive is the length of our spring break, 1 week.  It will start the week of March 21st   and go through March 25th.


  • What classes are included in the spring intensive?

Our spring intensive classes will range from ballet technique, pointe & variations (depending on level), modern, jazz, contemporary, tap,musical theater, acro and acting for dancers, latin dance, character, ballet enrichment, and various conditioning classes.


  • What if my dancer does not want to take a certain class that is part of the program?

Not every dancer will be strong in every area of dance or even like certain styles.  The purpose of giving them different styles of dance to take throughout the 1 week intensive is to introduce them to those other dance styles and genres in which they would not normally take.  Classes cannot be switched around nor can anything be taken off of the price if the dancer does not want to take a particular class in their level.


  • What does the in-studio performance mean?

Showcase at our studio, based on participation.


  • We are going on vacation during the summer; can my dancer still take the Summer Intensive?

Yes, they are more than welcome to still take the Summer Intensive and we will adjust the intensive price by the day/week.

  • When can we sign up for the  Intensive?

Registration will open up on Monday, February  1st, for the Spring Intensive.  At that time a packet will be given to those who are taking the Spring and will include a specific  schedule for their particular level, their instructors with bios, a schedule of their dance seminar courses, and other important related info.

WE WILL BE OPEN FOR ALL OTHER HOLIDAYS. (Closings are on front page)

All students are expected to attend class regularly and on time. Parents are reminded that any absence from class hampers the student’s progress. Since our staff must be paid on the basis of regular attendance, there is no tuition deduction for lessons missed, regardless of the reason. Absences can be made up by making arrangements through the office.

Inclement Weather: In the event of future inclement weather, we normally follow the Palm Beach County School District guidelines. If we do close for inclement weather, it will be posted on our Facebook page and an email will be sent to all the families.

All students enrolled in our school are expected to participate in the annual show! 

They will love their time in the spotlight!

Recital Expenses: Students will purchase one costume for each class they are enrolled in. Mini & Pre Combo classes generally perform two dances per class. (Intermediate and Advanced costumes may be slightly higher due to their more elaborate costumes & choreography .)  The costume fee of $86.00 (plus tax) will be due by October 31st. Any additional balances (if applicable) will be due ASAP. All students will also be charged a $40.00 recital fee that assists in the tremendous financial undertaking that SDP assumes when producing a production . This is also due before the students can be permitted to perform.  Other optional recital related costs include: program ads that feature individual students pictures, t-shirts, videos, recital souvenirs and tickets. Flowers are mandatory for each student.


Tuition is the same if the studio is closed for a holiday or if your child misses a lesson; therefore, we do not charge extra when there are five lessons in a month. Tuition for additional immediate family members living in the same household will be discounted 10%. Individual classes may be taken at $20.00 per hour. Private lessons may be scheduled through the office for $60.00 per hour.(Each instructor has different fees) Students are encouraged to study more than one form of dance. Experience has proven that students taking two or more forms of dance, progress at a much greater speed and have a longer interest period. Because of this, the tuition is considerably less for those taking two or more classes per week.